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Polka Dot Lanyard: A Unique Card-Carrying Solution

Boston, MA (May 24, 2016) — Brady People ID has released a unique lanyard with a custom look and feel. Introducing the polka dot lanyard. Made of our Ultraweave material, the polka dot lanyard features a dye-sublimated polka dot pattern with a white safety breakaway and NPS trigger hook and split ring end-fitting. Choose from […]

Multi-Directional Badge Holders Bring Added Flexibility

Boston, MA (May 24, 2016) — Brady People ID has introduced a new flexible card-carrying solution. The multi-directional badge holder fits both vertical and horizontal credentials. The multi-directional badge holder features two slots to suit your cards orientation, eliminating the need for organizations to juggle multiple badge holders to suit their different ID styles. Multi-directional […]

New in Customization: Variable Data Printing

Boston, MA (May 17, 2016) — Variable Data Printing is a new customization offering that gives your customers additional options to create a unique and personalized product. Variable Data Printing is placed below your chosen artwork on the imprint area of a badge reel or LogoClip™. The two lines of variable data can vary from […]

Introducing our new LogoClips™ Badge Holders

Brady People ID has released a new card-carrying solution, the LogoClips™ badge holders. They are a simple card attachment with branding capabilities. LogoClips™ attach to your clothing and keep your credentials stationary and facing forward.

TRUECOLOR Digital Printing is now available on dozens of badge reels

Brady People ID, a world leader in the identification, security and promotional products markets, today announced that it has extended the availability of its innovative TRUECOLOR Digital Printing customization method to dozens of badge reels. Originally released on select badge holders, the addition of four badge reel styles more than doubles the number of products available to be customized using TRUECOLOR.

Introducing our new customization method: TRUECOLOR digital printing

Brady People ID is proud to announce TRUECOLOR digital printing, a new customization process that allows us to print in full color on a number of products, including rigid badge holders. This method will allow for products that were previously available with single-color graphics to be customized with full-color graphics for an eye-catching solution.

Brady People ID unveils the new

Brady People ID, a world leader in the manufacturing and distribution of identification, promotional and security products, today re-launched the all-new This website was built to be an industry-leading tool designed to bring the Brady People ID experience to new partners from industries of all kinds.

Brady People ID announces two exciting new products

Brady People ID, the world leader in identification, promotional and security products, today announced the release of two exciting new products: the B●Reel™ twist-free badge reel and the B●Holder™ badge holder. Each of these two new products is designed to clearly display a card while keeping it securely fastened to the wearer.