Get the parts you need to create the solution your customers want

Brady People ID offers a number of components that can be sold to customers as standalone components or used by partners to craft their own accessories; whether for identification solutions or other innovations.

  • Components include clips, magnets, pins and lanyard accessories
  • Majority of our components are manufactured in our factories
  • Custom components can be created to suit specific partner needs

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create a variety and volume of components that our competitors simply can’t match. In fact, oftentimes our competitors buy components from us to create their own goods because we provide an easier, safer alternative to buying components directly from unknown overseas suppliers. When you buy from the competition you might well be buying from Brady People ID, as well!

Whether you’re looking for a lanyard end-fitting to finish your own product or a clip to create a new type of badge holder, Brady People ID has the component for you. We offer tiered discount pricing based on order quantity, the most on-hand inventory in the industry and fast shipping.

Brady People ID’s unrivaled selection makes us an excellent choice to be your wholesale identification accessory component supplier.

Wholesale components for lanyards, badge holders, strap clips and more

Our components range from lanyard accessories to magnets and everything in between, ensuring we have a component to meet your need. Whether you’re a reseller looking to add components to your catalog or an original equipment manufacturer who needs parts to create custom products, we have the components for you.

  • Our offering of lanyard end fittings features dozens of different options, from plastic pressure clips to split key rings. These end fittings can be used by lanyard manufacturers to put the final touch on their products. We also offer a number of lanyard finishing options, including nickel-plated crimps that will keep your lanyard together permanently. Rounding out the lanyard category is our selection of lanyard breakaways, ideal for manufacturers looking to create a more safety-conscious lanyard solution.
  • Brady People ID also offers a number of different styles of clip, including bulldog clips, pressure-sensitive clips, thumb grip clips and plastic clips. These clips have a variety of applications, including being used to finish badge holders or strap clips. They can also be used as standalone components or added to another product by an OEM to create a custom solution.
  • Our selection of magnets offers a number of different components ideal for use in a variety of applications. Our magnets are often used to secure badge holders as an alternative to pins or clips; however, these magnets can be useful in a variety of OEM applications as well. Magnets can be used by OEM partners to create decorative items, souvenirs and other custom products.

Brady People ID can create custom components to suit our partners’ unique needs

Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to create a variety of components, including custom components designed to meet our partners’ needs. If you have an idea or need for a component that you don’t see in our inventory, we will work with you to either source it from an overseas supplier or we can help you bring that idea to life in our factories.

Whether it’s an idea for a new type of magnet attachment or a need for a specific shape on a badge clip, we want to help you bring that component from idea to reality.