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Printers, Software & Supplies

Give your customers the tools they need to run a quality ID badging program

Creating a quality ID badge or card is impossible without these essentials.

  • Printers from Fargo™, IDP™, Zebra™ and more
  • Printer ribbons, cleaning supplies and more are available
  • Professional photo ID software from respected brands

Identification cards are an extremely common form of identification at organizations of all sizes, and many partners offer these cards for sale. But what about the tools needed to create those cards? Most organizations don’t order finished cards and have them shipped; instead, most organizations create or finish their own cards on site using some kind of photo ID badging program.

Brady People ID has the products our partners need to enter the ID badging market. We offer PVC ID card printers from a variety of respected brands. Our printer supply offering features the tools your customers will need to keep their badging program running, including printer ribbons and cleaning supplies. Photo ID software will allow your customers to design professional credentials. Brady People ID’s offering allows our partners to become a “one-stop shop” for all things identification.

From professional ID card printers from Zebra to EPI Suite™ software from ImageWare™ Systems, partnering with Brady People ID will allow you to broaden your product offering and provides goods to your customers that they are already buying elsewhere. Become a full-service reseller and make Brady People ID your PVC ID card printer distributor today!

Offer your customers quality PVC ID card printers from respected brands

Brady People ID is proud to be an authorized reseller of a number of PVC ID card printer manufacturers. Our partnerships with Fargo™, IDP™, Magicard™, Nisca™ and Zebra™ allow us to offer our partners a selection of quality PVC ID card printers that will allow their customers to run successful badging operations.

  • Our offering of PVC ID card printers ranges from basic to professional. Partners who have customers in smaller organizations can offer an entry-level printer like the SMART-30S from IDP, while resellers with customers in enterprise-level applications, like government or education, can offer a more robust solution like the DTC4500 from Fargo.
  • If your customers need to do more than just printed standard ID cards, printers are available that can encode magnetic stripes or program smart cards.
  • Additional printer options include barcode printing, dual-sided printing and single- or dual-sided lamination.

Keep your customers’ badging programs running with a variety of PVC ID card printer supplies

If one of your customers has a PVC ID card printer, he or she will need supplies for that printer as well. Make sure your customers are able to run their badging program without interruption by offering a full line of supplies from Brady People ID.

  • Printer ribbons are a key part of any badging operation, and your customers will benefit from having extras on hand. Ribbons are available as single-color ribbons, full-color ribbons, lamination ribbons, scratch-off ribbons and more.
  • Your customers will benefit from using cleaning kits and other cleaning supplies. Regular maintenance and cleanings will extend the life of a printer, allowing your customers to continue badging without interruption.

Brady People ID offers photo ID software that will help your customers create professional credentials

Prior to printing out a card, the card itself must be designed using a suite of photo ID software. Brady People ID carries software from a number of respected industry brands, allowing you to offer your customers the best of the best.

  • Brady People ID is proud to offer photo ID software from several brands, including AsureID™ from HID®, EPI Suite from ImageWare Systems and more.
  • With a variety of software options, partners will benefit from being able to offer solutions for organizations of all sizes.
  • Photo ID software suites include a number of helpful features, including pre-loaded design templates and the ability to import custom artwork.
  • Not sure what your customers need? We can help!

    We understand that some partners may be unfamiliar with ID card hardware and software. We will use our wealth of industry experience to educate our partners on best practices, tips and tricks. If you have a customer who needs a printer, a supply or some software but aren’t sure where to start, let us know and we’ll get you on track.