Strap Clips

A simple card attachment solution available in multiple styles

Strap clips are an easy way to attach an ID badge or card and will appeal to customers seeking an affordable, no-frills card accessory.

  • Available in different materials and with several end fittings
  • The majority of our strap clips are manufactured in our factories
  • Patented clothing-friendly strap clips won’t damage clothing

Some customers are seeking a simple, “get the job done” accessory to secure ID badges and cards to the wearers. Partners who have customers with those specifications will benefit from Brady People ID’s offering of strap clips, a card attachment solution that is about as simple as can be.

Our strap clips are made of several different materials and feature a number of different end fitting options, ensuring there’s a strap clip to meet most needs. Because we manufacture the majority of our strap clips in our own factories, we are able to stand behind our products and ensure consistent quality across the product line. When you sell Brady People ID strap clips to your customers, you can be sure that they’re getting goods of the highest quality.

Due to our manufacturing and warehousing capabilities, we’re able to pass several benefits onto our partners. Because we have thousands of products on-hand at our warehouses, we’re able to offer several strap clips with next-day delivery. Also, we offer partners tiered discount pricing, allowing you to receive price breaks based on your order quantity.

With speedy delivery, wholesale pricing and optional drop-shipping, choosing Brady People ID as a strap clip supplier is a great decision for organizations of all sizes.

Brady People ID offers quality strap clips for all kinds of customers

Because they are a simple solution, strap clips will be a viable card accessory for customers in a variety of markets and industries. Retail suppliers can sell strap clips to stores, identification resellers can offer strap clips to corporate or office building customers and more. Each of Brady People ID’s strap clips is constructed of quality material and will stand up to the rigors of daily use.

  • Clear vinyl strap clips are our most basic offering, and will be the most broadly applicable to our partners. Each strap is made of flexible vinyl and a number of different clips are available. These strap clips are excellent for use in office buildings, retail stores and other locations requiring a simple solution.
  • Our patented clothing-friendly strap clips are the perfect product for partners in the convention and large meeting space. In such markets, card accessories are often worn all day, meaning a quality product is essential. Brady People ID’s clothing-friendly clip features a patented curved tip design that won’t damage or crimp clothing. Your customers will see and appreciate the difference, increasing the likelihood of reorders.
  • Colored vinyl strap clips will be a product of interest for partners selling into retail or corporate environments, as they offer customers a chance to use the clips as role recognition accessories by color-coding strap clips to different levels of personnel. The colors also allow customers to match the strap clip to their organization’s colors for enhanced branding.

Brady People ID can custom manufacture strap clips to meet the needs of your customers

Do your customers need a strap clip solution that you can’t find in our inventory? We’ll make it for you! Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to bring new ideas to market, so if you have a product that your customer needs, whether it’s a completely new product or a slight tweak on an existing product, we can work with you to create it.

Our innovation engine will work with you to create the specific product you need and subsequently bring that product to market. Brady People ID’s custom manufacturing capabilities ensure that we can create the strap clip your customer requires, a feature the competition simply can’t match.