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Brady People ID announces the release of UBand™, a revolutionary access credential

As a leader in the promotional, identification and security products markets, Brady People ID strives to innovate with new ideas and new visions for the industry. Today, one of those visions comes to life with the release of UBand™, a wearable access credential. Brady People ID's UBand contactless access wristband

UBand is a silicone rubber wristband that contains a small MIFARE chip. This chip can be programmed to perform the same functions as a MIFARE card, meaning UBand can supplement or replace smart cards in an existing identification program.

UBand can be programmed to grant access, gather data, process payments and more, making it a versatile accessory. MIFARE technology is versatile as well, allowing your customers to program in the features they want while leaving out those deemed unnecessary.

This futuristic credential will be of particular relevance to partners who sell into the education, healthcare and personal fitness spaces. The wristband's hands-free design makes it perfect for healthcare, its durable construction and washability make it ideal for use in gyms and its versatility and customizability make it great for college campuses.

UBand is available in more than a dozen colors and three wrist circumference sizes (6″, 7″, 8″). It can be customized to feature your customer’s logo, graphic or other text, making it an ideal branding tool.

Help your customers bring their access program into the future with UBand, the wearable credential from Brady People ID.

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