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About Brady People ID

Brady People ID is the leading global manufacturer and distributor of quality identification, security and promotional products. We have our own factories in both North America and China and a network of dealers spread across North America. No one in the industry can match our on-hand inventory, making us an ideal supplier for resellers of all sizes.

Brady People ID and the Brady Security Group

Based just outside of Boston in Lowell, MA, Brady People ID has years of experience providing quality goods and services to our network of authorized resellers. We have more than 500 employees across the world working in sales, marketing, production and more.

Brady People ID began as Comprehensive Identification Products (CIPI), which was founded in 1966. After being acquired by Brady Corp (NYSE: BRC), a billion-dollar manufacturer of identification, safety and security products based in Milwaukee, WI, CIPI combined with JAM Plastics to form the new Brady People ID. We’re proud to have partners who have been with us for decades, starting as CIPI and JAM partners and transitioning to the Brady People ID partners they are today.

Our history gives us nearly four decades of experience working in the identification, security and promotional products industries, first as an independent entity and currently as a unit of Brady Corp. As a Brady business, Brady People ID strives to follow the Brady Values of innovation, community service and social responsibility in all that we do.

As a small business owner, I look for partnerships with the vendors I do business with. Brady People ID is one of those partners that always stands behind me with excellent service, support and a team of customer service representatives that know me by name and are always friendly. Western Canada reseller, partner for more than five years

Manufacturing, warehousing and shipping: The Brady People ID differences

Our manufacturing and warehousing capabilities truly set us apart from our competitors. Our factory in Xiamen, China, adheres to U.S. safety standards and produces more than 230 million products annually. Our warehousing and fulfillment centers in Tijuana, Mexico, and San Diego, CA, feature the most on-hand inventory in the industry, with more than 3,000 SKUs eligible for next-day delivery.

Our ability to provide shipping and logistical support for our partners is another benefit that our competition can’t match. We are able to drop-ship thousands of SKUs directly to your customers, cutting down on shipping times and eliminating the need for our partners to have their own on-hand stock. When you partner with Brady People ID, our warehouse becomes your warehouse, and the benefits are passed on to your customers.

Our partnerships allow us to offer products from top brands

At Brady People ID, we manufacture the majority of our own goods at our factories around the globe. We are also proud to be a partner of several Brady-owned brands, including JAM Plastics™ and TEMPbadge™.

However, we are also proud to be an authorized partner of several respected brands in the identification, security and promotional industries. These partners allow us to offer an unbeatable variety of products. Partners include:

  • Zebra™
  • Fargo™
  • HID®
  • STOPware™

Our team: Providing support for our partners, every step of the way

Our relationship with our partners goes far beyond simply selling products or parts. Our goal is to provide our partners with all of the tools necessary for success. Our Virtual ID Store, Design a Lanyard interface and digital catalog are available to partners seeking to improve their digital presence, while product training and support through Brady University ensures that our partners are up-to-date on the latest and greatest products.

At Brady People ID, we don’t succeed unless our partners succeed. From manufacturing custom products to drop-shipping goods to your customers in days, our team will work hard to ensure that your needs are met from start to finish.