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Partner Benefits

Tools and support to help our partners succeed

Brady People ID believes in true partnership. When you sign on to partner with us, our team and tools will be there to assist you every step of the way. Your success is our success.

  • Industry-leading custom product and manufacturing capabilities
  • A suite of digital tools makes it easy to offer products online
  • Product training is available to all partners

At Brady People ID, we mean it when we use the word “partner.” We aren’t interested in signing up new resellers, dumping a product offering on them and calling it a day. Instead, we want to create a real partnership: we provide resellers with a tools, support and experience to help them achieve as much success as possible.

Brady People ID’s ability to produce ultra high quality custom printed products with lightning fast production turnaround allows us to service our clients quickly and professionally, a service that we couldn’t offer through other manufacturers. Northeastern U.S. reseller, partner for more than 15 years

We aren’t a hands-off supplier of lanyards, or just some detached company who sends products to you. When you partner with Brady People ID, you’ll hear from your sales representative frequently. You’ll develop a relationship with your rep and our customer service team. You’ll know them and they will know the unique challenges facing your business.

Simply put, you won’t be an anonymous customer: you’ll be a partner in every sense of the word, and will enjoy all of the benefits that come along with that partnership.

Broaden your product offering to capitalize on new business without taking on inventory

We realize that many of our partners already offer some kinds of identification products. However, few other suppliers are able to provide partners with a product list as comprehensive as ours. Brady People ID allows you to become a true one-stop shop for your customers.

  • By partnering with Brady People ID to increase product offering, partners are able to increase revenue without taking on inventory. Our warehouses allow us to keep inventory on hand without passing the burden on to our partners, giving partners all of the benefits with none of the risk.
  • Chances are if your customers are purchasing ID cards from you, they’re getting the printer to make them from somewhere too. By offering a full line of Brady People ID products, you can be the sole supplier for customers of all sizes. In fact, offering our product line can, in some cases, save your customers money by allowing them to create a single purchase order from one vendor instead of multiple purchase orders spread across different suppliers.

Brady People ID’s sales and customer service teams will be with you every step of the way

At Brady People ID, our staff take pride in developing relationships with our partners. Our sales reps work hard to get to know each of our partners on a personal level, and our customer service representatives are experienced in providing assistance of all kinds to partners.

  • If you partner with Brady People ID, you can expect to hear from your sales rep frequently. You won’t have to track your rep down to place an order; instead, our reps take pride in getting to know their partners and their business inside and out, working hard to anticipate their needs.
  • Our sales reps have decades of experience in the identification and promotional products industries. If you have a problem, chances are we’ve encountered it before. We will use our experience to provide the best solution possible.

Marketing support gives our partners additional resources to help sell products

Support from the Brady People ID team isn’t limited to sales and customer service. Our marketing team provides a number of helpful tools to our partners, each designed to make it as easy as possible for our partners to provide Brady People ID products to their customers.

  • Brady People ID offers a variety of digital tools designed to help our partners market our products to their customers. We provide generic, white-label emails that our partners can send to their customers to promote sales or new products. These communications are designed to be eye-catching and enticing, increasing the likelihood of a sale.
  • When we release a new product, Brady People ID also provides partners with a digital launch kit. This kit contains product images, sell sheets, email content and more, all designed to make it as easy as possible to offer new products to the end users of our partners.

Our ability to custom design and custom manufacture products will leave our partners with endless possibilities

Brady People ID offers a number of benefits that our competition can’t match, including our on-hand inventory and shipping capabilities. However, we feel that our customization capabilities truly distinguish us from the rest. Our manufacturing processes allow us to perform a variety of customization processes that will benefit our partners by allowing them to offer products tailored specifically towards the needs of their customers.

  • Products with custom designs and logos are the most popular type of custom product, and with good reason: they’re an excellent branding tool. Brady People ID can perform high quality customization processes on a variety of our products, including lanyards, badge holders and badge reels. Offer your customers a lanyard with their company logo on it, or custom-printed badge holder with important site information. The possibilities are endless. Offering quality custom goods to your customers will ensure that they keep coming back.
  • Another type of customization offered by Brady People ID is custom manufacturing. Our production facilities allow us to create the majority of our own goods, and those same facilities allow us to custom manufacture products and components to suit the needs of our partners. If your customer needs a specific type of clip that we don’t sell, chances are we can make it for you. If you have an idea for a new type of strap clip or a different spin on the badge holder, we can help get you to market. We offer custom manufacturing for partners of all sizes and take pleasure in finding creative solutions to our partners’ needs.

Partners will be able to use Brady People ID capabilities to get their own products ready for retail sale

While Brady People ID’s manufacturing and customization capabilities are important when it comes to creating custom goods or components, they also have another application: helping our partners get their goods ready for retail sale. Brady People ID is able to use our manufacturing and shipping resources to help partners who sell into retail get their products ready for the shelves.

  • Getting ready for retail sale can be difficult. Brady People ID makes it easy by helping our partners with the majority of the work. Brady People ID helps partners in retail settings in a variety of ways, including attaching hangtags to product, putting product in branded packaging, printing UPC codes and more.
  • Brady People ID is able to take the above convenience one step further: after getting a partner’s goods ready for retail sale, we are able to drop ship these goods directly to the end user, allowing a partner to provide quality, retail-ready goods to his or her customer without ever having to touch the product.

Our suite of Digital Tools is a true differentiator

One of the benefits of partnering with Brady People ID is that we believe in true partnership, and work with our partners to ensure their needs are being met at all times. With that in mind, we offer our partners access to a full suite of Digital Tools, each of which is designed to make doing business with Brady People ID as easy as possible.

Our suite of Digital Tools includes the following:

  • Brady Warehouse is a true digital hub for our partners. Once a partner logs in, he or she can see pricing, place orders, track shipments and more.
  • Our Design-A-Lanyard tool allows partners to create custom lanyards for their customers, including the uploading of custom artwork. Partners can also embed this tool on their own websites for an innovative e-commerce solution.
  • The Brady Connector, our monthly newsletter, keeps our partners up to date on the latest news, promotions, tradeshows, marketing tools and more.
  • The Brady People ID Media Library features thousands of high-resolution images, sell sheets and brochures featuring our products. The images can be used on partner websites, while the sell sheets can be distributed to potential customers.
  • Our catalogs provide our partners with an easy way to get their product offering to their customers. Catalogs are available in digital or printed formats, and can be customized to feature a partner’s logo.
  • Brady University is our online product training hub. It features informational courses on all of our products, providing helpful information to our partners and their employees.