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Our Products

Our offering spans the ID products industry

At Brady People ID, we manufacture the majority of our own goods and carry a variety of products that meet all kinds of identification needs.

  • We manufacture the majority of our own goods
  • Provide your customers with every tool they need
  • Our custom products and manufacturing help us stand out

There are many identification product suppliers who can offer ID cards, badge reels or lanyards. However, Brady People ID stands out by being able to offer products that span the entire identification solutions category with from-the-source pricing and unrivaled customization capabilities.

At Brady People ID, we own and operate factories in both North America and China. These facilities allow us to manufacture the majority of our own goods and offer unmatched customization options. Our distribution centers and warehouses feature the most on-hand inventory in the industry, meaning we get our quality goods out to our partners or their customers quickly.

Our product offering allows partners to offer their customers everything they need

Our product offering makes us a true one-stop shop for all things identification, promotional and security. We distribute our products through a large network of authorized resellers. We’re proud to have customers in a variety of industries, including public relations and marketing, healthcare and original equipment manufacturers.

Our product offering includes:
  • Badge Holders: Our badge holders are perfect for conventions and large meetings. Available in multiple materials and sizes, our badge holders have a broad appeal in a variety of different markets. We manufacture the majority of our badge holders.
  • Badge Reels: Our badge reels are available in multiple styles, colors and with a variety of end fittings. Badge reels can be customized to feature a logo or text, making them an ideal promotional or brand enhancement product.
  • Code® Barcode Readers: Scan barcodes of any size and condition, easily and accurately with Code® barcode readers. With industry-leading decoding speeds across 40+ supported code types, Code® readers redefine efficiency and seamlessly integrate into your unique workflow, adapting to every industry and every need.
  • Components: We manufacture a variety of components used by original equipment manufacturers and other partners to finish their own goods. Components include lanyard end fittings and breakaways, clips, chains and more.
  • ID, Access and Role Recognition Cards: The lifeblood of the identification industry, ID cards are the most important part of any identification program. Brady People ID offers standard ID cards, custom credentials, oversized cards, access cards, Badge Buddies role recognition cards and more.
  • Lanyards: Lanyards are a popular accessory ideal for both promotional purposes, like rebranding efforts or giveaways, and for use at K-12 schools or colleges. Our lanyards are available in several styles and can be customized to feature a graphic, logo or text.
  • Luggage Accessories: Luggage accessories are a great promotional product. Our offering of luggage straps and loops is ideal for promotional partners or marketing agencies looking to build buzz, while our luggage tag holders can be customized to ensure that your customer’s logo or text is present whenever and wherever one travels.
  • Printers, Software and Supplies: Partners whose customers create their own ID badges on site will appreciate our offering of digital imaging tools, including quality PVC Id card printers, printer supplies and photo ID software. With Brady People ID, partners will be able to offer their customers everything they need to create quality credentials.
  • Strap Clips: Strap clips are a simple, affordable way to attach an ID badge or card. Budget-conscious organizations or those seeking a straightforward solution will love our strap clips’ ease of use.
  • Visitor Management: As Visitor Management needs continue to grow, Brady People ID will ensure that you have the products your customers need. Our patented TEMPbadge™-brand expiring badges are ideal for processing guests at all sites, while more comprehensive software systems like TEMPbadge VMS and PassagePoint™ are ideal for large security-conscious organizations.
  • Wristwear: Our offering of wristwear includes wrist coils to carry keys and the innovative UBand™ contactless access credential, which offers the functionality of a MIFARE or proximity card with the convenience of a wearable silicone rubber wristband.