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Who We Serve

Valued partners spread through a variety of industries

We’re proud to be the driving force behind some of the biggest players in the personal identification, promotional and security products industries.

  • Our custom products help organizations build buzz around brands
  • Components allow manufacturers to craft their own goods
  • Our factories help partners get ready for retail sales

It’s easy to call Brady People ID “a manufacturer of identification and security solutions.” However, we are really much more than that: we manufacture and distribute identification, promotional and security products to some of the country’s largest identification suppliers, entertainment centers and retail suppliers.

At Brady People ID, we partner with variety of organizations, from marketing and advertising agencies to original equipment manufacturers. Our products and components serve key markets including:

  • The largest identification retailers serving virtually every sector
  • Manufacturers throughout the country
  • Major theme parks
  • “Big box” retailers
  • Independent partners

If you’ve visited a big-box retailer or major theme park in recent years, chances are you’ve already encountered Brady People ID products. From custom printed lanyards and badge reels to components used in other products by original equipment manufacturers, Brady People ID provides the products and supplies that shape the identification industry around the country.

In fact, we supply products and components to some of the nation’s biggest retailers and suppliers. Our manufacturing capabilities are so far-reaching that many of our competitors buy components from us to build their products, simply because they can’t do what we do.

Because we are an American company, the China factory where we produce many of our goods is held to the same quality and safety standards as factories in the United States. By partnering with Brady People ID, you are able to get your goods and components directly from the source and avoid the pitfalls that come with dealing directly with overseas suppliers. As an American company, you can trust Brady People ID with your brand, your customers’ intellectual property and your own reputation.

Personal identification solutions suppliers sell Brady People ID products to their customers

Brady People ID supplies ID cards, proximity cards, card accessories and more to identification suppliers of all sizes. Our personal identification customers range from small office operations to huge multi-site dealers, and we strive to provide each with the same personal touch and dedication to great service, regardless of company size.

  • Personal identification suppliers are able to get both stock and custom products from us, allowing them to offer a variety of options to their customers.
  • These partners receive a number of benefits from doing business with us, including product training, marketing collateral, customer service support and more.

We supply components that help original equipment manufacturers (OEM) build their goods

While the main benefit of our manufacturing capabilities is the ability to create quality finished goods, we are also able to manufacture a wide variety of components and parts used by partners to create their own goods. In fact, our manufacturing abilities are so expansive that in some cases, our competitors buy components from us because they simply can’t match our production.

  • Components like clips, lanyard end fittings, lanyard breakaways, magnets and pins are used by our OEM partners to complete their own products. These parts are often added as finishing touches, making Brady People ID a key factor in many OEM products.
  • If you need a component, chances are we have it. If we don’t, we can make it for you! Our manufacturing capabilities allow us to work with our partners to create custom manufactured components to meet specific needs, a benefit you won’t find elsewhere. In a case where it’s something we can’t produce, we’ll help you find it: our experience working with overseas suppliers means we can help you source a missing component, ensuring your needs are met.

Marketing agencies and public relations firms use our custom products to create buzz around their brands

Our ability to create quality custom goods is one of Brady People ID’s biggest assets. We can create custom lanyards, badge reels, badge holders and more that feature attention-getting colors and eye-catching designs. Our custom products are ideal for use as branding tools, be it for the launch of a new product or the complete rebranding of an existing product or company.

  • Marketing and public relations agencies frequently come to Brady People ID seeking help with promotional products. We’re able to work with them to create a large quantity of custom goods that will then be used as branding tools. Brady People ID’s customization capabilities have helped launch or relaunch hundreds of products, organizations and brands.
  • Our capabilities mean there is no job too big or too small. For example, we provided custom goods to a marketing firm handling the merger and rebranding of two major American airlines, and we have also worked with boutique marketing agencies to create local solutions for smaller organizations. Each time, we’ve provided quality custom goods that have helped organizations of all kinds introduce their brand or product to the world.

Retail supply companies sell Brady People ID products into national big box stores

If you’ve visited some of our nation’s biggest retail outlets or big box stores, you’ve probably encountered Brady People ID products. We partner with many retail supply companies who bring our goods, including lanyards, badge reels and components, to retail shelves around the country.

  • Our products are often customized to our partners’ specifications and then sold by retailers under our partners’ brand name. We work with our partners to ensure that the goods meet their specifications before they hit store shelves.
  • We also use our manufacturing and distribution capabilities to help get our partners ready for retail sales. We can provide our partners with custom packaging, Universal Product Codes (UPCs), hang tags and more, taking some of the burden off of our partners.

We manufacture promotional products that help organizations spread the word about their brand

Brady People ID’s customization capabilities make us an ideal partner for those seeking a promotional products manufacture. We can create custom goods of all kinds featuring an organization’s logo, colors, slogan and more.

  • Brady People ID products ideal for giveaways or promotions include lanyards, silicone mobile phone wallets and luggage tag holders. These are convenient products that will be used frequently, ensuring that the printed brand is always on the mind of the customer.
  • Custom produced promotional products can be manufactured at our factories as well. If you need a specially shaped luggage tag for a product launch or a different kind of lanyard for a giveaway, we will work with you to bring that product to life.

Medical supply companies bring Brady People ID products into our nation’s healthcare facilities

Brady People ID is proud to partner with many of the nation’s leading medical supply companies to bring our products into our nation’s healthcare facilities. We work with our partners to ensure that healthcare facilities are able to keep patients, staff and other personnel safe and secure at all times.

  • Our products, like ID cards, badge reels, lanyards, strap clips and expiring visitor badges, are used by hospitals to identify and monitor staff and visitors, leading to a safer environment. We also work with partners who sell retail packaged products to the healthcare industry, including products sold in hospital gift shops.
  • We work with our partners to create custom healthcare solutions for their customers. From products with a facility logo to a custom-manufactured badge reel, Brady People ID works with our medical supply partners to ensure the needs of healthcare personnel of all kinds are met.

Whatever industry you are in, we’d love to hear from you!

While Brady People ID has dozens of customers in each of the above industries, those are far from the only industries that we serve. If you think partnering with Brady People ID would be beneficial for your business or if you have a particular need you think we could help you meet, let us know! We’re always looking to expand our partner base into new and exciting industries and markets.