Badge Reels

A popular way to keep an attached badge or card easily accessible

The majority of our badge reels are manufactured in Brady People ID’s factory and can be customized to feature your customer’s logo, text or other graphics.

  • Retractable cords make it easy to access a card
  • Multiple styles, colors and end fittings are available
  • Large custom imprint areas are ideal for promotions

Badge reels are an easy, convenient way to carry and display an ID badge or card. Badge reels are of particular convenience to those who are required to scan or swipe their card regularly, as the included retractable cord keeps attached credentials easily accessible.

At Brady People ID, we manufacture the majority of our badge reels in our own factories, allowing us to monitor production to ensure consistent quality. With our badge reels, you can rest easy knowing that your customers will receive goods of the highest quality.

Badge reels are popular in a variety of settings, including ski areas, hospitals and medical centers, schools and office buildings. Our unbeatable on-hand inventory means we have plenty of different badge reel styles ready for next-day delivery. We offer discounted badge reel pricing based on order quantity, and our production facilities are able to manufacture custom badge reels with eye-catching graphics.

From 100 custom badge reels to wholesale badge reels with carabiner clips, Brady People ID is your source for providing these helpful accessories to your customers.

Badge reels from Brady People ID: Quality goods at wholesale prices

Badge reels are a card accessory that will be of interest to many of your customers across a variety of markets and industries. While a badge reel full of keys is usually associated with a maintenance man or janitor, several industries, including the ski and healthcare industries, use badge reels with regularity.

Brady People ID offers more than a dozen different types of badge reels:

  • No-twist badge reels are ideal for customers in the healthcare field, where having front-facing credentials is often required by law. Brady People ID’s no-twist reels use a unique front-loading design to prevent credentials from getting tangled.
  • Partners with customers in the skiing, snowboarding or recreation space will love Brady People ID’s ski/sport badge reels, which feature a sturdy design and a swivel hook end-fitting that is great for holding ski passes. Add a resort or ski area company logo to the reel to create an attention-getting solution for your customers.
  • Max label badge reels are perfect for those in the promotional industry. These reels feature the same retractable cord and durable design as other badge reels, but they feature a larger custom imprint area. This allows the reel to have a bigger custom logo or graphic. Max label reels are great for giveaways or organizations seeking to increase brand recognition.
  • Customers seeking a fun, eye-catching badge reel will enjoy our heart-shaped badge reels, baby footprint badge reels or rhinestone badge reels. Encourage your customers to show a little flair and add some fun to their card-carrying program with these unique accessories.
  • For customers seeking a simple, straightforward badge reel, Brady People ID offers a number of different options. Traditional round badge reels are durable and easy to attach, solid colored badge reels are available in many different shades and translucent badge reels will add a soft touch of color to your customer’s solution. These reels would be perfect card carrying solutions for corporate and retail customers.

The Anatomy of a Badge Reel: See the Brady People ID difference

Most people don’t give much thought to what’s inside of their badge reels. However, there’s a surprising amount of technology inside each little reel.

Because we manufacture the majority of our badge reels, we’re able to maintain quality control over the product line and ensure that every reel that reaches a partner’s customer meets our high standards. The difference is in what goes into our reels: we use non-abrasive materials, a stainless steel spring, strong ABS plastic and more to create a long-lasting solution.

Get custom badge reels straight from the manufacturer

While our offering of standard badge reels is immense, we can help you offer an even broader selection to your customers through our in-house customization process. Offer your customers a personalized solution in the form of a custom badge reel featuring a company logo or graphic.

Custom B REEL badge reel from Brady People ID

At Brady People ID, custom badge reels are one of our areas of expertise. In fact, our factories churned out over 1 million custom badge reels in the last year alone!

Custom badge reels are an excellent solution to offer to customers in corporate or retail environments, as they offer a chance to increase brand recognition and keep a logo present at all times. Custom badge reels can be used as promotional or giveaway items as well, allowing your customers to keep their logo present every time a user reaches for his or her keys or ID card.

Need a badge reel solution that you don’t see in our inventory? Let us know! Our factory capabilities allow us to custom engineer and design new badge reels to suit specific needs. If your customer has a requirement that can’t be met by an existing product, we will work with you to take the steps necessary to bring that product to life.