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Custom Products and Manufacturing

Our factories provide our partners with endless possibilities

Because we own multiple manufacturing facilities, we are able to custom print and custom manufacture a number of goods to meet the needs of our partners and their customers.

  • Custom printed products are excellent for promotions
  • We can manufacture new goods to meet your needs
  • Our innovation engine can help get your idea to market

At Brady People ID, we’re proud to provide quality standard goods in all shapes and sizes. However, we feel that our customization capabilities are what truly set us apart from the competition. Our global facilities enable us to offer custom printing and manufacturing options that competitors simply can’t match.

Because we manufacture the majority of our own goods, we have already invested in the tools and machinery necessary to create badge reels, badge holders, components and more. We’re then able to use these machines to create custom manufactured goods for our partners, enabling us to meet needs others can’t.

We also do a variety of custom printing, including adding logos, graphics and text to our lanyards, badge reels and badge holders. Our custom products are created in the same factories where we manufacture our goods, enabling us to maintain consistent quality across our entire product line.

Whether you’re a partner looking to offer custom-printed lanyards to your customers or an original equipment manufacturer who needs someone to custom manufacture a new type of badge clip, Brady People ID has the solution for you.

Custom lanyards: Choose from several styles for endless possibilities

We manufacture and customize a variety of products, but custom lanyards are an area of particularly strong expertise for us. We offer wholesale custom silkscreen, dye-sublimated and woven-in lanyards in several different materials and with a variety of end fittings. With so many options to choose from, you’ll be able to offer your customers the perfect custom lanyard to suit their needs.

  • Customization Each of our customization methods provides unique benefits. Silkscreen customization offers quality graphics at an affordable price. Dye-sublimation produces sharp, attention-getting graphics with near-limitless color options. Woven-in lanyards provide durable customization with a classic lanyard look.
  • Options We understand that needs will differ from customer to customer. That’s why we’re proud to offer our partners variety when it comes to things like materials, lanyard widths and end fittings. With so many different choices, you’ll have no trouble crafting the perfect custom lanyard for your customer.
  • Direct buying We manufacture and customize our lanyards in our own factories in China and North America. This allows us to have full control over the entire process, ensuring quality goods. Because we aren’t shipping work off to third parties, you can trust us with your customers’ artwork and eliminate worries about dealing with overseas factories.

Custom badge reels: A convenient card accessory with plenty of room for branding

Custom badge reels are an excellent way to carry and display an ID card, especially one that needs to be used for scanning or swiping. The retractable qualities of badge reels mean that the reel stays close to the body until it’s needed, at which point it can be pulled away and passed in front of a reader or through a scanner. Badge reels will be of interest to customers in all kinds of markets, especially factories and office buildings.

Three custom badge reels from Brady People ID
  • Broad appeal Custom badge reels offer a great branding opportunity for customers of all kinds. Our badge reels feature large surface areas perfect for adding your customer’s logo, a line of text or an eye-catching graphic of some kind. Our partners will find that custom badge reels are perfect for customers in a variety of industries, including the marketing and promotions space due to their branding opportunities.
  • Multiple methods We offer three different customization methods: TRUECOLOR direct-to-reel digital printing, which applies ink directly to the surface for eye-catching detail; multi-color labels, which are printed with a four-color process and then applied to the reel; and dome labels, which coat a color label in a layer of epoxy for added protection.
  • Options Several different styles of custom badge reels are available, including the no-twist B-Reel, carabiner reels, MaxLabel reels, economy reels and more. Our product offering ensures that you’ll be able to provide your customers with the perfect custom badge reel solution.
  • From the source The majority of our badge reels are manufactured in our own factories, both overseas and in North America. By doing the manufacturing and customization in our own facilities, we’re able to maintain complete control over the entire process. From conception to packaging, most of our badge reels remain in Brady People ID hands throughout. This oversight allows us to guarantee quality and to ensure that you can deliver your customers quality goods every time.

Custom-printed products from Brady People ID: An excellent tool for promotions, giveaways and branding

At Brady People ID, we are able to offer a variety of different customization options on nearly all of our products. Our customization capabilities include weaving a logo into a lanyard, printing a line of text onto a badge holder and adding a graphic to a badge reel.

Our custom products are ideal for partners who work in the events, promotions, public relations and marketing spaces, as these products are excellent branding tools. Custom lanyards or custom silicone mobile phone wallets are ideal for promotions and giveaways, helping to ensure that your customer’s brand stays present at all times.

We offer several different customization processes, including:

  • Dye sublimation
  • Digital printing
  • Epoxy doming
  • Silkscreen printing
  • Embossing and debossing
  • Pad printing

Our customization capabilities allow us to meet the various needs of our partners and their customers, ensuring that you end up with quality custom goods that your customers will love. Brady People ID’s custom-printed products are ideal for partners with a number of different needs, including:

  • Custom lanyards for colleges, professional sports teams, large sporting events and conventions
  • Custom silicone mobile phone wallets for giveaways, rebranding efforts and other marketing initiatives
  • Custom badge holders for conventions, large meetings and other corporate gatherings
  • Custom credentials and ID cards for sporting events, press boxes, corporations, small business and more

TRUECOLOR digital printing: Full-color custom badge holders and badge reels for lifelike detail

Custom products are a point of pride for us: We offer a variety custom goods spanning the identification and promotional products categories, and are proud of the breadth and quality of our offering.

One of the advantages we have over competitors is our TRUECOLOR digital printing process. This customization process allows us to print directly on the surface of select products, in full color. Products like rigid badge holders, which were previously only available with a single-color custom graphic, can now be customized with full-color, attention-getting designs.

  • TRUECOLOR digital printing uses a traditional four-color cartridge print process, allowing for creation of hundreds of different colors.
  • The high-tech digital printers at our factories use UV light to cure the ink as the design is being printed, allowing for the creation of a more durable, longer-lasting custom imprint.
  • The ink used in our TRUECOLOR process is applied directly to the surface of the product, eliminating the need for adhesive labels or dome labels.
  • Because TRUECOLOR is able to print in full color, you can offer your customers a custom product that is more true to their logo or graphic.
  • The high-quality graphics and attention-getting color used on our TRUECOLOR products make them perfect for promotions, giveaways and other marketing opportunities for your customers.

Custom manufacturing: Brady People ID will manufacture custom identification components for you

While our factories afford us the ability to create custom-printed goods, they also give us another feature competitors can’t match: the ability to custom manufacture goods to meet the specific needs of our partners.

Our product offering is vast; however, we understand that we don’t offer everything and that sometimes our partners or their customers will need a component we don’t offer. To close this gap, we’re able to custom manufacture products for our partners. Because of the power of our factories, we’re able to offer a number of different manufacturing processes, including:

  • Injection molding
  • Metal stamping
  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Industrial sewing and weaving
  • Die-cutting

We work hard to provide our partners with the custom manufacturing solutions that they need.

  • Custom-manufactured parts can range from a slight tweak to an existing product to a completely new design. Original equipment manufacturers will appreciate Brady People ID’s ability to produce specific components that complete their products, saving those manufacturers from having to produce the components on their own.
  • Parts and products can be produced to meet specific needs, allowing our partners to provide even better service to their customers. If your customer has a need for a badge holder with two clips instead of one or for a lanyard with two separate end fittings, we can make it. Our manufacturing capabilities will make you an invaluable resource to your customers, increasing the likelihood that they continue to do business with you.
  • Our manufacturing capabilities are so comprehensive that some of our competitors buy custom-manufactured components from us to create their goods instead of producing them independently. Our factories make us efficient to the point that our competition simply can’t do it better than us.

Have an idea for a new product? Our manufacturing capabilities can bring you to market!

At Brady People ID, we possess the unique combination of industry experience and powerful manufacturing capabilities. Because of this, we can use our innovation engine to bring new ideas from idea to reality.

If you have an idea for a new kind of badge reel or need help bringing your unique strap clip from a drawing to store shelves, we can help. Our team will work with you to bring your product to life, from figuring out the logistics of manufacturing the product to getting it retail ready with packaging, barcodes and more.

Brady People ID takes pride in helping our partners bring new products to life and continuing to provide innovative solutions in the industry. If you want to create a new product and need help making it a reality, let our innovation engine and custom manufacturing capabilities bring your idea to life.