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ID Card Accessories: Lanyards, Badge Reels, Strap Clips and More

Quality ID accessories made in our own factories

We have ID card accessories to meet every need. Offer your customers everything from components for lanyards to quality badge reels.

  • Different products to carry and display different card types
  • Custom card accessories can enhance your customers’ brands
  • Quality guaranteed, as products are made in our own factories

We’re proud to offer hundreds of different ID card accessories and attachments. If your customers need a way to carry, display or protect an ID credential, we have you covered. We make the majority of our lanyards, badge reels, badge holders, strap clips and lanyard components in our own factories, and are able to guarantee quality from start to finish.

Whether you need to get your customer 10,000 clear badge holders to issue to employees at a new factory or are trying to help a customer find a quality, attention-getting custom lanyard to promote their brand, Brady People ID is the supplier for you.


Wholesale lanyards

Choose from dozens of different standard lanyards, or create unique custom lanyards for your customers.

Badge Holders

Wholesale badge holders

Help your customers carry and protect cards. Choose from several styles, including flexible, rigid, shielded and more.

Badge Reels

Wholesale badge reels

These retractable card holders are a popular way to display an ID card. Available stock or customized.

Lanyard Components

Wholesale lanyard components

Our components allow you to create unique custom lanyards on your own. Several end fittings and finishing options available.

Strap Clips

Wholesale strap clips

Strap clips are a simple, affordable card attachment solution. Choose from standard, clothing-friendly and more.