Custom Woven-In Lanyards

A classic custom lanyard look, ideal for simple text and logos

Brady People ID custom silkscreen lanyards
Graphics, text and logos are woven directly into the fabric of these custom lanyards, providing your customers with a quality, attention-getting brand enhancement solution.
Close up of Brady People ID's custom silkscreen lanyards

With our custom woven-in lanyards, your customer’s logo or text is woven directly into the polyester fabric, giving a contrast that is both crisp and clean with sharp and professional branding. Most manufacturers simply embroider their “woven-in” lanyards; however, because our designs are actually woven into the fabric, they are less likely to fade and wear over time.

Woven-in lanyards are ideal for a variety of industries, including food service, education, healthcare and events. Woven-in lanyards are a common accessory for colleges and universities as well, both as a giveaway item and an item to be sold in a school bookstore.

Our woven-in lanyards are manufactured and customized in our own factories located in China and North America. Our facilities are operated under American standards and are regularly inspected for both safety and quality, allowing you to feel good about your lanyard manufacturer.

With in-house manufacturing and customization, we’re able to offer our partners competitive wholesale pricing and reasonable shipping times.

Give your customers what they need with a variety of custom woven-in lanyard options

A sample of Brady People ID end fittings for custom lanyards

Choose from up to 12 thread colors for your customized text or logo when creating your woven-in lanyard.

  • Choose a material: Woven-in customization is available on our polyester thread lanyards.
  • Choose a lanyard width: Custom woven-in lanyards are available in four widths: 3/8”, 5/8”, 3/4” and 1”.
  • Choose an end fitting: Complete the customization of your customer’s lanyard with a split ring, bulldog clip, bottle opener, detachable buckle, plastic hook and more.

Our quality stands out: View images of our custom woven-in lanyards

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