Custom TrueColor Lanyards

Fast, full-color custom lanyards with intricate designs, bold gradients and variable data printing

TrueColor Lanyards options laid out
TrueColor lanyards offer custom, vibrant imprints that are durable and quick to produce.

Wow your customers with vibrant design options only available with TrueColor lanyards. They are the fastest and most reliable way to showcase intricate designs and gradient color capabilities, making them ideal for use in schools, hospitality, retail, government and corporations.

Further personalize designs with variable data printing – exclusive to TrueColor lanyards. Customize every printed piece in a single run by altering names, numbers or design elements, creating unique designs and identification for each wearer.

Because we manufacture and customize our lanyards in-house, we can offer our partners competitive wholesale pricing and quick shipping times.

A sample of Brady People ID end fittings for custom lanyards

Custom TrueColor lanyards are available in several sizes, materials and end fittings

  • Choose a material:  Microweave, Bamboo, Antimicrobial and Recycled P.E.T
  • Choose lanyard width: Select from four widths: 3/8”, 5/8”, 3/4” and 1”.
  • Choose an end fitting: Swivel hook, split ring, bulldog clip, DTACH buckle, bottle opener and more.

Don’t see what you want here? We’ve got plenty of other custom lanyard options!