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Identification, Access and Role-Recognition cards

Quality credentials, cards and badges to identify personnel

Brady People ID offers cards and credentials in multiple materials that will be of use to customers in a variety of industries.

  • ID cards are widely used in many professional settings
  • Cards are available in a number of different sizes and materials
  • Multiple card types are available

An identification card is the most common form of personal identification. Businesses and organizations from schools to hospitals to corporate environments often require that some type of identification credential be displayed or carried while on the premises. With ID credentials being so common, offering them to your customers is a huge area of opportunity.

Brady People ID’s offering of identification cards and badges spans a variety of categories, including standard ID cards, smart cards, role recognition cards and our own brand of access proximity cards as well as those from HID® and other top vendors. Partners who currently offer lanyards, badge reels or other attachments to their customers will benefit from offering Brady People ID’s cards; after all, if your customers need the accessory to attach a card, they must be purchasing cards somewhere as well.

Brady People ID is able to offer quality identification cards at wholesale prices, providing our partners with a great opportunity to increase revenue by offering a much-used item.

Quality identification cards, access cards, Badge Buddies role recognition cards and more

Your customers will have different requirements of their identification cards depending on the industry or market in which they operate. Some simply require a black and white printed identification credential, while others may want a full-color card that can also open doors. Fortunately, Brady People ID offers a number of different cards that will ensure you’re able to meet all of the needs of your customers.

  • For partners who want to offer their customers the basics, Brady People ID has standard PVC cards, color PVC cards and adhesive PVC cards. These cards will be ideal for those customers who just want a card that can display a name or photo. Partners selling to small organizations will benefit from offering these simple options, which can be customized using any standard PVC ID card printer.
  • Other customers may want to do more with their cards. To that end, Brady People ID offers PVC magnetic stripe cards and access cards, which perform additional functions beyond simple visual identification. Magnetic stripe cards can be programmed for use with card readers, enabling functions like payments and access. Our BradyPROX™ access cards are used with proximity readers to grant access to buildings and rooms. These cards are compatible with many HID®-brand proximity formats, allowing our partners to offer their customers an alternative to HID® cards, often at a lower price.
  • Badge Buddies role recognition cards will be of particular relevance to partners who sell to the healthcare industry. These Teslin™ cards are produced at our own facilities, ensuring quality. Badge Buddies hang behind an existing ID credential and feature bright colors and bold text that identify the wearer’s job title. Brady People ID is your source for wholesale Badge Buddies, and we are able to produce Badge Buddies with custom colors and titles for your customers as well.

Do your customers need custom-printed identification cards? Let us know!

While many of our identification credentials are sold blank and will be customized by your customers on site, we are able to offer custom-printed credentials if they are what your customer requires.

Custom-printed cards can feature an organization’s logo, a border, a background and more, reducing the amount of printing your customers need to do on site. Custom Badge Buddies are an excellent solution for your customers as well, as Brady People ID will design, print and ship custom Badge Buddies to your customers for fast, simple role recognition.