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Brady People ID Introduces New Custom TrueColor Lanyards

Valencia, CA - Introducing TrueColor lanyards - faster, bolder and better imprints to promote a brand or message. Brady People ID is expanding our product portfolio, giving you more opportunities to get lanyard orders out faster, provide your customers with greater personalization and stay ahead of the competition. With quick turnaround times, you can have [...]

Now Offering Code® Barcode Readers

We are thrilled to offer Code® Barcode Readers to our product lineup, bringing unprecedented possibilities to your business. This partnership combines our expertise and innovation in healthcare, government, hospitality, and retail. Together, we are committed to creating safer and more innovative solutions for our customers. By incorporating Code® Barcode Readers into your product portfolio, you [...]

Brady Corporation Acquires Magicard Limited

New Opportunity for Dealers to Expand ID Card Printing Business with Trusted Line of ID Card Printers Featuring Built-in Security Brady Corporation announced in late May its acquisition of Magicard Limited, a leader of ID card-printing technologies with a full range of high-quality desktop identification card printers. Magicard printers are trusted among corporations, schools, governments, […]

Brady People ID introduces the SlimReel™ System, an innovative card-carrying accessory

Brady People ID today unveiled its latest card-carrying accessory, the SlimReel™ System. This patent-pending product uses an innovative design to put a unique twist on the traditional lanyard/badge reel combination. The product is designed to be a modular solution: it can be used as a lanyard/badge reel combination, or the components can be separated and the lanyard and badge reel can be used individually.

New: Vinyl Badge Holders for Badge Buddies

Boston- Get added life out of your credentials with Brady People ID’s new vinyl badge holders for Badge Buddies. Made of a soft flexible vinyl, Badge Buddy holders are large enough to hold both a credential and a badge buddy safely together while protecting them from the environment. Ideal for those working in healthcare, vinyl […]

Zebra® ZXP Series 9 ID Card Printer Released

Boston – As a master reseller of Zebra® products, Brady People ID is happy to offer our partners the new Zebra ZXP Series 9 ID card printer. An easy-to-use retransfer printer for large badging programs, the Series 9 prints sharp imagery direct to card, producing a reliable photo identification. Ideal for those in education, government, […]

Xpress Luggage Tags: A New Customizable Solution

Boston – Brady People ID has added a new customizable luggage tag to their offering. Xpress Luggage Tags give luggage greater visibility while gaining brand recognition. Customizable in full-color, add a company name, logo or text in sharp vibrant detail. Made of durable heavy-duty laminated PVC, Xpress Luggage Tags stand up to the wear and […]

New Secure Closure Wristband Prevents Fraud

Boston, MA (Feb. 28, 2017) — Brady People ID has added a new identification solution to their expansive product offering, a secure closure wristband that helps prevent fraud. Secure closure wristbands are ideal for concerts, campus functions, and events. The wristband cannot be removed unless cut. This prevents event-goers from transferring wristbands to one another, […]

Brady People ID announces enhancements to TEMPbadge® expiring visitor badges

Brady People ID today announced a series of enhancements to TEMPbadge®, its line of patented expiring visitor badges. Updating a technology that has been innovating in the Visitor Management market for more than three decades, the enhanced TEMPbadge visitor badges offer more accurate expiration, a more vivid expiration indicator and more. TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges use a patented migrating ink technology to show an expiration indicator (usually a series of red lines) after a half-day, one day, three days or seven days.

Introducing TRUECOLOR Digital Printed Luggage Tags

Boston, MA (Jan. 24, 2017) — Brady People ID has expanded their TRUECOLOR capabilities with digital printing on rigid, semi-rigid and neon luggage tags. TRUECOLOR is a long-lasting print method that can applies four-color customization directly to luggage tags. TRUECOLOR lets you choose from hundreds of bright, vivid colors that will allow your chosen text, […]