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Brady Corporation Acquires Magicard Limited

New Opportunity for Dealers to Expand ID Card Printing Business with Trusted Line of ID Card Printers Featuring Built-in Security Brady Corporation announced in late May its acquisition of Magicard Limited, a leader of ID card-printing technologies with a full range of high-quality desktop identification card printers. Magicard printers are trusted among corporations, schools, governments, […]

Brady People ID introduces the SlimReel™ System, an innovative card-carrying accessory

Brady People ID today unveiled its latest card-carrying accessory, the SlimReel™ System. This patent-pending product uses an innovative design to put a unique twist on the traditional lanyard/badge reel combination. The product is designed to be a modular solution: it can be used as a lanyard/badge reel combination, or the components can be separated and the lanyard and badge reel can be used individually.

New: Vinyl Badge Holders for Badge Buddies

Boston- Get added life out of your credentials with Brady People ID’s new vinyl badge holders for Badge Buddies. Made of a soft flexible vinyl, Badge Buddy holders are large enough to hold both a credential and a badge buddy safely together while protecting them from the environment. Ideal for those working in healthcare, vinyl […]

Zebra® ZXP Series 9 ID Card Printer Released

Boston – As a master reseller of Zebra® products, Brady People ID is happy to offer our partners the new Zebra ZXP Series 9 ID card printer. An easy-to-use retransfer printer for large badging programs, the Series 9 prints sharp imagery direct to card, producing a reliable photo identification. Ideal for those in education, government, […]

Xpress Luggage Tags: A New Customizable Solution

Boston – Brady People ID has added a new customizable luggage tag to their offering. Xpress Luggage Tags give luggage greater visibility while gaining brand recognition. Customizable in full-color, add a company name, logo or text in sharp vibrant detail. Made of durable heavy-duty laminated PVC, Xpress Luggage Tags stand up to the wear and […]

New Secure Closure Wristband Prevents Fraud

Boston, MA (Feb. 28, 2017) — Brady People ID has added a new identification solution to their expansive product offering, a secure closure wristband that helps prevent fraud. Secure closure wristbands are ideal for concerts, campus functions, and events. The wristband cannot be removed unless cut. This prevents event-goers from transferring wristbands to one another, […]

Brady People ID announces enhancements to TEMPbadge® expiring visitor badges

Brady People ID today announced a series of enhancements to TEMPbadge®, its line of patented expiring visitor badges. Updating a technology that has been innovating in the Visitor Management market for more than three decades, the enhanced TEMPbadge visitor badges offer more accurate expiration, a more vivid expiration indicator and more. TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges use a patented migrating ink technology to show an expiration indicator (usually a series of red lines) after a half-day, one day, three days or seven days.

Introducing TRUECOLOR Digital Printed Luggage Tags

Boston, MA (Jan. 24, 2017) — Brady People ID has expanded their TRUECOLOR capabilities with digital printing on rigid, semi-rigid and neon luggage tags. TRUECOLOR is a long-lasting print method that can applies four-color customization directly to luggage tags. TRUECOLOR lets you choose from hundreds of bright, vivid colors that will allow your chosen text, […]

Polka Dot Lanyard: A Unique Card-Carrying Solution

Boston, MA (May 24, 2016) — Brady People ID has released a unique lanyard with a custom look and feel. Introducing the polka dot lanyard. Made of our Ultraweave material, the polka dot lanyard features a dye-sublimated polka dot pattern with a white safety breakaway and NPS trigger hook and split ring end-fitting. Choose from […]

Multi-Directional Badge Holders Bring Added Flexibility

Boston, MA (May 24, 2016) — Brady People ID has introduced a new flexible card-carrying solution. The multi-directional badge holder fits both vertical and horizontal credentials. The multi-directional badge holder features two slots to suit your cards orientation, eliminating the need for organizations to juggle multiple badge holders to suit their different ID styles. Multi-directional […]