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Introducing BradyPROX™ clamshell cards: An affordable, fast proximity card solution

Brady People ID, a world leader in identification, promotional and security products, today announced the release of BradyPROX clamshell cards, the latest in a line of affordable, speedy proximity cards.

BradyPROX Clamshell Proximity Card

Formerly available only as standard proximity cards, BradyPROX cards are Brady People ID’s own brand of HID®-compatible proximity cards. Our manufacturing and distribution capabilities allow us to get our proximity cards to our partners and their customers faster, eliminating worries about long lead times.

Because BradyPROX cards are our own brand, we’re able to maintain consistent quality across the product line. Brady People ID stands behind its BradyPROX cards with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.

BradyPROX clamshell cards are ideal for partners who sell into active industries. The thicker design of the cards stands up better to wear-and-tear, making it ideal for those who are frequently swiping a card outdoors or in busy environments.

BradyPROX clamshell cards are sold blank and, due to their size, can’t be printed on using a standard PVC ID card printer. Partners whose customers are seeking a printable solution can offer adhesive stickyback cards, which can be customized with a PVC printer, attached to a clamshell card and removed at a later date.

Our BradyPROX clamshell cards are available in the most common proximity card formats, meaning they will work seamlessly in most access control systems. BradyPROX cards are also compatible with many HID®-brand proximity formats, meaning BradyPROX cards can serve as a direct replacement for HID® proximity cards in many instances.

Brady People ID has been a world leader in identification, promotional and security products for decades. A division of Brady Corp, Brady People ID is based just outside of Boston in Billerica, Mass. Brady People ID has manufacturing and warehousing facilities around the globe. Brady People ID manufactures the majority of its goods in its own factories, and is proud to distribute products around the globe through a network of trusted partners.