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Brady People ID announces two exciting new products

B-Reel Twist-Free Badge Reel

Brady People ID, the world leader in identification, promotional and security products, today announced the release of two exciting new products: the B●Reel™ twist-free badge reel and the B●Holder™ badge holder. Each of these two new products is designed to clearly display a card while keeping it securely fastened to the wearer.

The B●Reel features an all-new patented front-loading design. This design ensures that an attached badge or card is always facing front, eliminating the frustration that can come with badges or cards getting turned around.

The B●Reel is made of durable ABS plastic, ensuring it will stand up to the rigors of daily use. Each B●Reel features an attached swivel clip with teeth, which will keep the reel securely attached to the wearer, even in active environments. A vinyl strap end fitting makes it easy to attach any slotted credential, and a retractable cord length of 28″ makes scanning or swiping a card as simple as can be.

Multiple color options, including black, blue and purple, are available.

A convenient card-carrying accessory, B-Holder Badge Holderthe B●Holder is a rigid one-card badge holder that will protect your card from bends and creases while still clearly displaying its face. The B●Holder is available in both horizontal and vertical orientations and features a frosted front to reduce light and sun exposure.

The B●Holder also features a handy thumb slot that makes it easy to slide a badge or card out of the holder for scanning or swiping. The B●Holder is available in multiple colors, including clear, gray and black.

Brady People ID has been a world leader in identification, promotional and security products for decades. A division of Brady Corp, Brady People ID is based just outside of Boston in Billerica, Mass. Brady People ID has manufacturing and warehousing facilities around the globe. Brady People ID manufactures the majority of its goods in its own factories, and is proud to distribute products around the globe through a network of trusted partners.