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Introducing our new customization method: TRUECOLOR digital printing

Billerica, Massachusetts (August 28, 2015) — At Brady People ID, we take pride in our custom products and in allowing our partners to provide their customers with custom goods of the highest quality.

With that in mind, we’re happy to announce a new customization capability that will allow us to create even better custom goods: TRUECOLOR digital printing.

TRUECOLOR digital printing is a customization method that allows us to print in full color on a variety of our products. Previously, several of these products were limited to a one-color customization method; these custom products were good, but didn’t have the eye-catching appeal of a full-color design.

With TRUECOLOR digital printing, the printers in our factories use a traditional four-color cartridge print process to apply ink directly to the product’s surface. These cartridges are capable of printing hundreds of different colors, resulting in nearly endless possibilities for your customers. The printers use UV light to cure the ink as the design is being printed, making for a long-lasting, durable logo or graphic.

See the TRUECOLOR difference for yourself:


Single-color custom badge holder

Previously, custom versions of this rigid card holder were only available in a single color. These badge holders were nice, but weren’t as eye-catching as full-color custom goods.

…vs. TRUE!

TRUECOLOR rigid badge holder

With TRUECOLOR, a custom design on a similar type of badge holder really stands out. Colors are bright, text is sharp and details are clear, drawing more attention to the custom graphic.

Our new TRUECOLOR digital printing process will benefit our partners for a number of reasons:

    • Partners will be able to offer their customers higher-quality custom goods than before, giving them an incentive to reorder or to place new orders.
    • The full-color print method may encourage customers previously discouraged by a one-color graphic to place a custom order.
    • The products printed with TRUECOLOR digital printing are eye-catching, with bright colors and sharp detail. These products are excellent for use in promotions, marketing functions, giveaways and more, opening up new areas of opportunity for our partners.

    TRUECOLOR digital printing is currently available on select products. Stay tuned as we introduce more products to the TRUECOLOR family in the coming weeks.

    If you’d like to see the TRUECOLOR difference in person, samples are available.