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Brady People ID announces enhancements to TEMPbadge® expiring visitor badges

Billerica, Mass. (Feb. 6th, 2017) — Brady People ID today announced a series of enhancements to TEMPbadge®, its line of patented expiring visitor badges.

expiring visitor badges from Brady People ID

Updating a technology that has been innovating in the Visitor Management market for more than three decades, the enhanced TEMPbadge visitor badges offer more accurate expiration, a more vivid expiration indicator and more.

TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges use a patented migrating ink technology to show an expiration indicator (usually a series of red lines) after a half-day, one day, three days or seven days.

The badges are designed to provide fast, visual verification that the wearer’s time on-site has expired.

Brady People ID’s partners sell TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges to a variety of different industries, including healthcare and education.

The enhanced TEMPbadge visitor badges feature a newly patented technology that fine-tuned the existing technology to create a better product for all TEMPbadge users.

Enhancements include:

  • More gradual and more accurate expiration for all time frames
  • The addition of a 3-day time frame
  • A black mask to prevent the lines from bleeding through prematurely
  • Compatibility with the Primera desktop label printer for color badges
  • More vivid, vibrant red expiration color
  • Expiration time frame printed on each badge

Enhanced TEMPbadge products include single-piece visitor badges, two-piece solutions, expiring spots and expiring tokens. TEMPbadge products are available in half-day, 1-day, 3-day and 7-day time frames.

For more information, please visit our TEMPbadge expiring badges page.