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Why Our Commitment to Ethical Labor Practices Matter


Why Our Commitment to Ethical Labor Practices Matter

The safety and well-being of our people are our top priority. As a world-class manufacturer, we work to the highest U.S. standards for manufacturing, environmental safety and social responsibility. Brady is proud to own and operate factories in the United States, Mexico and China, bringing you quality products made by skilled workers in safe environments.

Our dedication to ethical labor practices is built on five core principles that shape our operations and underscore our unwavering commitment to social responsibility:

Forced Labor is Not Allowed in Our Facility

Our employees work willingly, without any threat to their personal documents or exorbitant fees.

Child Labor is Strictly Prohibited

We strictly prohibit child labor and ensure that workers under 18 are never assigned hazardous tasks. Instead, we actively support legitimate apprenticeship programs that fully comply with regulations.

Ethical Working Hours for All Our Employees

We comply with local labor laws governing workweek duration. Typically, our employees work 40 hours per week. Exceptions are granted only in emergencies or unusual situations, always with the welfare of our workers in mind.

Fair Pay and Benefits are Always Provided

We compensate our workers in full compliance with all applicable wage laws, including minimum wage requirements, overtime regulations, and legally mandated benefits. Our commitment extends beyond mere compliance – we ensure that overtime is compensated at rates higher than regular hourly wages and categorically forbid any deductions for disciplinary reasons.

Our Employees are Treated With Respect and Kindness

In our factories, we promote humane treatment in our factories, where no form of harsh or inhumane behavior is tolerated. We maintain clear disciplinary policies and procedures that explicitly define and communicate our requirements to our workforce.

We are fully committed to maintaining these labor standards at Brady People ID.

By partnering with us, you join us in upholding these vital principles of social responsibility. Ethical and equitable business practices should extend far beyond our factory walls. It’s not only a commitment but our way of doing business.

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Brady manufacture working on products at desk
Brady manufacture working on products at desk
Brady Corporation Xiamen Factory full of workers in 2019
Brady Corporation Xiamen Factory full of workers in 2019
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