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Now Offering Code® Barcode Readers


Now Offering Code® Barcode Readers

Code Corp family of barcode scanners

We are thrilled to offer Code® Barcode Readers to our product lineup, bringing unprecedented possibilities to your business.

This partnership combines our expertise and innovation in healthcare, government, hospitality, and retail. Together, we are committed to creating safer and more innovative solutions for our customers.

By incorporating Code® Barcode Readers into your product portfolio, you can offer your customers a complete identification solution to improve workflow efficiency, accuracy, safety and innovation in data capture technology. These scanners set new standards in the field and will help you exceed your customer’s expectations and meet their needs.

We are excited to offer Code® Barcode Scanners and provide your customers with the best identification solutions possible.

To inquire about adding Code® readers to your product portfolio, please get in touch with your channel manager, contact 800.528.8005 to speak to a Brady People ID representative, or fill out our web form.