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Brady People ID Introduces New Custom TrueColor Lanyards

TrueColor Lanyards options laid out

Valencia, CA – Introducing TrueColor lanyards – faster, bolder and better imprints to promote a brand or message. Brady People ID is expanding our product portfolio, giving you more opportunities to get lanyard orders out faster, provide your customers with greater personalization and stay ahead of the competition. With quick turnaround times, you can have custom lanyards made faster than ever, allowing you to meet tight deadlines while maintaining product quality.

TrueColor Lanyards
TrueColor Lanyards Featuring Variable Data Printing

TrueColor lanyards showcase variable data printing, bold gradient designs, and intricate design capabilities to create personalized, eye-catching designs. Variable data printing is a unique feature of TrueColor lanyards, allowing for personalization on every single piece in a single run. With the ability to incorporate a conference theme, teacher names, and even individualized attendee information, these lanyards are more than just an accessory.

Proof and design custom lanyards using the Design a Lanyard Tool Version 2 and choose from a large selection of colors, lanyard clips, materials, widths and a double-sided option. Version 2 users will automatically see the TrueColor lanyard updates. Not on version 2? View instructions and download here.

Make use of our marketing materials to create and enhance your marketing campaigns. Download product images, email images, product sheets, and more in our media library—log in here.

For more information about TrueColor lanyards, please get in touch with your channel manager, contact 800.528.8005 to speak to a Brady People ID representative, or fill out our web form.