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New healthcare ID regulations: Your customers will need a solution

Stay current with the latest trends in healthcare ID law

Most healthcare organizations already require personnel to wear an ID badge on the premises. However, many states are now introducing stricter requirements, presenting an area of opportunity for our partners.

  • Several states have passed new laws in recent months
  • Laws spell out more specific requirements for employee ID badges
  • Excellent opportunity for partners who sell into healthcare

Most healthcare organizations already have their own ID regulations in place, or adhere to regulations from groups like The Joint Commission. However, several states have begun to issue their own specific healthcare ID badge requirements, increasing security but posing unique problems for healthcare organizations: in these states, many organizations will need to complement or overhaul their existing ID badge program to be compliant with the law. This is where you can help.

Meet your customers' needs as healthcare ID badge laws change

While each state is different, there is a nationwide trend towards stricter ID requirements in healthcare facilities. States like Pennsylvania and Texas have passed laws in recent months, and more states can be expected to follow suit.

At Brady People ID, we want to help you anticipate your customers’ needs. Healthcare customers who are subjected to new regulations will be given time to comply, as the laws will likely lead to changes for many facilities. Your healthcare customers will likely be facing one of two situations:

  • Finding a complement to an existing ID program: For most healthcare facilities, compliance can be achieved by complementing their existing solution. For example, laws in Pennsylvania and Texas require that an ID solution feature a licensed worker’s printer title; compliance can be achieved by adding a Badge Buddy to an existing ID card.
  • Starting from scratch and creating a new badging program: In some cases, a badging program can’t be “saved” from new regulations. For example, if a facility only issues badges with a name and no photo, a law requiring a photo and title would require a complete overhaul. In those cases, you can help your customer with our offering of photo ID software, ID cards and ID card printers.

Complement: Badge Buddies are the perfect way to tweak a badging program

The most common new healthcare regulations address putting a worker’s title on display. Many of your healthcare customers will already have an ID system in place due to existing regulations. Therefore, many won’t need a complete overhaul. Instead, they’ll be looking for a solution that serves as an addition to their existing program. Fortunately, you can offer them the perfect product: Badge Buddies role-recognition cards.

  • Badge Buddies are durable role-recognition cards that hang behind a slotted ID card or badge. Available in white or clear material, Badge Buddies feature bright colors and bold text to make a title clearly visible. Badge Buddies are slotted, and attach to an existing ID badge with a strap clip, lanyard or badge reel for a complete solution.
  • A number of stock Badge Buddies, featuring popular medical titles like PHYSICIAN and NURSE PRACTITIONER, are in-stock and available to be drop-shipped to your customer immediately.
  • Healthcare facilities are diverse places, with workers of all kinds. For customers requiring unique badges, we offer custom Badge Buddies as well. You’ll be able to work with your customers to create Badge Buddies with the colors and titles they want.
  • Badge Buddies kits are a great solution for a customer who wants to print his or her own Badge Buddies on-site. Our kits include a printer and Badge Buddies inserts.

Overhaul: Help your customers rebadge their staff!

While it’s true that most customers will want to avoid a complete overhaul of their badging program, some organizations may use new regulations as the impetus to completely rebadge their employees. Brady People ID will help you meet those needs as well!

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