Brady People ID > Orders will no longer be processed under JAM Plastics: what you need to know

Orders will no longer be processed under JAM Plastics: what you need to know

As of August 1, 2015, Brady People ID will no longer be processing orders under the JAM Plastics name. JAM Plastics was acquired by Brady Corporation and made a part of the Brady People ID family in 2006. After the acquisition, it continued to operate under the JAM Plastics name; however, moving forward, orders will be processed under the Brady People ID name only.

Q: What changes are taking place?

A: Orders will no longer be processed under the JAM Plastics name. Partners who have been placing orders and making payments under the JAM Plastics name should now make those payments in the Brady People ID name. For future orders, partners who issue purchase orders with the JAM Plastics name must change the business name to Brady People ID in order to avoid delays and other issues. Please note that partners who make payments electronically (ACH/wire) do not need to change their payment process.

Q: Will my account number change?

A: No. You can continue to use your current account number; no changes are needed.

Q: Why are these changes being made?

A: Processing all orders under a single business name will allow us to provide a faster, more efficient ordering process. This expedient process will help free up more time to continue to improve the business experience of our partners, allowing us to continue to work on providing a better web experience, creating new products and more.

Q: Is there a new remit-to address?

A: Yes. Partners who previously used the JAM Plastics remit-to address should now use the following address, which is the same as the current Brady People ID remit-to address:

Brady People ID
36378 Treasury Center
Chicago, IL 60694-6300
Fed ID #20-4090527

Q: So JAM Plastics is completely gone?

A: Not quite. JAM Plastics as a business name will be going away, replaced by Brady People ID. However, we understand the brand equity and consumer confidence that the JAM Plastics name provides. Therefore, partners are free to use the JAM Plastics name, logo and other identifying marks to represent the Brady products that they purchase; this will allow partners to assure their customers that they’re buying the same quality products as they have been for years. Part numbers for JAM products will remain the same as well.

Q: Who is Brady People ID?

A: You already know us! Brady People ID has been processing orders placed under the JAM Plastics name for several years now. Based in Billerica, Mass., Brady People ID, like JAM Plastics, is a division of Brady Corporation (NYSE: BRC). Therefore, you’ll be speaking to the same customer service representatives and dealing with the same business development manager as you did when placing JAM Plastics orders. The more things change, the more they stay the same…in this case, that’s exactly true!

Q: Should I be using new contact information?

A: Partners should no longer use the JAM Plastics telephone number. Our main phone number, including customer service, is 800-528-8005. Please be sure to change any saved phone numbers that may connect to the former JAM Plastics number. A wealth of information, including product data, shipping information, pricing and marketing material, can be found by visiting Brady Warehouse.

Q: Will the product offering change?

A: No, our product offering will remain the exact same. You’ll still be able to get your customers the badge reels, lanyards, strap clips and other products that they’ve grown to love over the years. JAM Plastics part numbers will remain the same as well.

We realize that the information above may not have answered all of the questions you may have. Should you have any other questions or would like more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us online, call us at 800-528-8005 or contact your business development manager directly.