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Luggage Accessories

Promote brands while identifying luggage with these customizable accessories

Brady People ID offers a number of different luggage accessories, the majority of which are made in our own factories.

  • Rigid luggage tag holders are ideal for promotions
  • Luggage loop straps are great for airlines and marketing agencies
  • Semi-rigid luggage tag holders are perfect for giveaways

Brady People ID’s offering of luggage accessories features a number of products ideal for branding, promotions and giveaways. Luggage accessories are often overlooked, but are a tangible part of the travel experience for most people. With the help of Brady People ID, partners are able to provide their customers with quality custom luggage takes that ensure the customer’s brand is ever-present.

Our offering of luggage accessories includes both rigid and semi-flexible luggage tag holders, plastic loop straps, beaded chains and more. The majority of our luggage accessories are made in our own factories, helping us ensure constant quality across the product line.

Whether you’re a partner looking for custom luggage tag holders to give to your customers or a marketing agency seeking to assist an airline with a rebranding effort, our luggage accessories will get the job done. By offering quality promotional goods at wholesale prices, Brady People ID is the ideal luggage accessories supplier for partners of all sizes.

Custom luggage tag holders, luggage loop straps and more from Brady People ID

While luggage tag holders are the most recognizable luggage accessory, Brady People ID also offers a number of additional complementary products. By offering multiple options to your customers, you’re ensuring that you have something to meet their needs.

  • Our rigid and semi-rigid luggage tag holders are an ideal accessory for rebranding, giveaways or other promotions, particularly within the airline industry. These tag holders are available in a variety of colors and can be custom printed. Also, they’re a very “usable” promotional item, increasing the likelihood of one’s brand or logo getting recognition.
  • Plastic loop straps may often go overlooked, but they are a simple, affordable accessory that is a requirement to attach a luggage tag holder. Brady People ID offers loop straps in a variety of lengths and colors, allowing our partners to offer their customers as many choices as possible.
  • Additional accessories, like beaded chains, plastic straps and leather straps, are also available for partners seeking even more variety.

Custom luggage accessories are an excellent way to rebrand or launch a new venture

Brady People ID can work with our partners to create quality custom luggage accessories. Our luggage tag holders are highly customizable and can be made in custom colors and with custom logos or graphics.

These accessories can be branded for use as giveaways or promotional items and are an excellent choice for airline promotion accessories, travel agency promotional accessories and more. Our beaded chains and loop straps can be created in different lengths and styles as well, providing our partners with the maximum number of options.