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A collection of expiring visitor badges being used for Visitor Management

TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges

Innovative visitor badges perfect for customers in a variety of industries

Expiring visitor badges are an eye-catching way to introduce Visitor Management to your customers. These easy-to-use badges will add security to sites of all kinds.

  • Manufactured in the USA at our Milwaukee factory
  • Multiple time frames for added flexibility
  • Perfect for customers seeking a simple solution

Whether you know it or not, your customers are looking for a Visitor Management solution. From schools to corporate offices, hospitals to factories, Visitor Management is a hot-button issue for organizations of all sizes.

Issuing visitor badges to guests is one of the simplest and most popular methods of Visitor Management. A basic visitor badge program requires no software and little training, making it a popular choice for organizations of all sizes and kinds.

Our TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges take the simplicity of a visitor badge program and enhance it with the security that comes along with expiring technology. Our badges use a patented migrating ink technology to show an expiration indicator after a predetermined period of time, providing a clear sign that a guest’s visit is over and preventing the badge from being reused.

Why Visitor Management?

It makes sense: in today’s “security-first” world, real security begins at the front door.

Visitor Management helps increase facility-wide security by better tracking and controlling who is allowed on-site. Visitor Management systems range from simple to complex, from visitor badge systems to networked software systems. The goal, however, is the same: to increase security for staff and guests.

Today, your customers will be turning to Visitor Management for a variety of reasons. Some will be proactively increasing security, while others are trying to comply with industry regulations. Whatever the case may be, Brady People ID offers Visitor Management solutions to meet all needs.

What are TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges?

TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges look like normal paper badges, but have a big security advantage: they expire after a predetermined period of time!

The badges use a patented migrating ink technology: when the front and back of a badge are combined, the ink begins to migrate its way toward the front of the badge. The time it takes to fully migrate is the expiration time. Badges are available in half-day, 1-day and 7-day time frames.

We invented the expiring badge decades ago, and recently enhanced our TEMPbadge line. These expiring badges now use a newly patented technology to offer a better experience than ever before.

There are two main benefits of choosing TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges over standard paper badges:

  • First, TEMPbadge provides a clear visual indicator that a guest’s time is up, while standard paper badges look the same at all times.
  • Second, because of the expiration indicator, TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges can’t be reused: once they’re expired, everyone can see that the guest’s time is up.

Key features and benefits of TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges

  • Three different expiration time frames: ½ day, 1 day and 7 day
  • Adhesive-backed and clip-on badges available
  • Choose from single-piece or two-piece solutions
  • Full-expiring, spot-expiring and token-expiring badges available
  • Personalization can be done by hand or with a printer, depending on the product
  • Universal badge backs make for easy ordering: mix and match badge fronts!
  • Black mask on badge backs leads to more accurate expiration, no more bleed-through
  • Printed titles and color bar badge backs allow for easy role recognition
  • anatomy of a tempbadge expiring visitor badge

    Get a foot in the Visitor Management door with TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges

    For partners who currently aren’t selling many Visitor Management products, TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges are a great way to get a foot in the door and to get your customers thinking about Visitor Management. Why?
    • They’re “cool” Customers are always impressed the first time they see a badge start to change from valid to expired. Our innovative technology is a great way to grab your customer’s attention and get a customer more interested in a Visitor Management solution.
    • They’re easy to use Unlike full-scale software systems, TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges are a true “entry-level” solution. They require little training and are easy to issue, in some cases requiring nothing more than a pen. They won’t overwhelm your customers, giving you a great way to ease them into the idea of Visitor Management.
    • They’re a gateway product Once customers see how effective a good Visitor Management program can be, many become more interested in a larger system. TEMPbadge expiring visitor badges can be used with a number of software systems, allowing you to seamlessly “upgrade” your customer’s system down the line.