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Visitor Management

Give your customers the tools they need to run a quality ID badging program

Help your customers keep their sites safe with a variety of Visitor Management tools from Brady People ID, including software systems and expiring visitor badges.

  • Our expiring badges are manufactured at our facility in Milwaukee
  • TEMPbadge® expiring badges are our own patented brand
  • TEMPbadge® VMS and PassagePoint™ software solutions

As the desire for a more safe, secure workplace continues to grow, more and more organizations are seeking some form of Visitor Management solution. Visitor Management refers to the process of tracking or processing visitors to a site to better monitor their visit and ensure that they leave at the appropriate time. Visitor Management solutions range from the simple, like sign-in books, to the comprehensive, like full-scale software solutions.

With Visitor Management needs continuing to grow, partners offering Visitor Management products from Brady People ID will be able to tap into this rapidly growing market and offer their customers the tools they need to keep their personnel safe. Brady People ID’s offering of Visitor Management tools features something for organizations of all sizes, including logbooks, expiring visitor badges, expiring tokens and software systems.

Brady People ID’s own brand of Visitor Management solutions, TEMPbadge®, features expiring visitor badges that use patented technology to show an expiration indicator after a visitor’s time is up and a full-scale Visitor Management software system that makes it easy to quickly process guests. We also offer PassagePoint Visitor Management software from STOPware™, a full-featured suite of software ideal for organizations large and small.

Because we manufacture our TEMPbadge® products in our own American facility, we are able to guarantee quality across the product line. Our partners can rest assured that they will be providing their customers with quality goods. Brady People ID’s industry experience and vast product line combine to make us an ideal Visitor Management and expiring badge manufacturer and supplier for partners of all sizes.

TEMPbadge® expiring visitor badges: Perfect for all of your Visitor Management customers

tempbadge® visitor badges
  • Brady People ID is your source for TEMPbadge® expiring visitor badges. Made in our own factories, these badges feature patented migrating ink technology that shows an indicator after a certain length of time has passed (half-day, one-day or one-week). This prevents visitors from reusing guest passes and provides a clear visual indicator when a visitor’s time is up. We manufacture TEMPbadge® ourselves, ensuring quality.
  • Expiring visitor badges are available as manually edited, thermal printable and inkjet printable. Partners will benefit from the “stickiness” of TEMPbadge®: the majority of customers who buy a TEMPbadge® product end up continuing to buy for several years.
  • TEMPbadge® Visitor Badge Log Books are the ideal Visitor Management solution for organizations seeking a simple solution that goes above and beyond the standard sign-in sheet. Each book features hundreds of adhesive expiring visitor badges that, when filled out, leave a record behind on the pages of the book. This allows your customers to have a record of each visitor. TEMPbadge® Visitor Badge Log Books are of particular relevance to partners with customers in education or smaller corporate environments.
  • Brady People ID offers a variety of expiring badges: single-piece expiring badges feature a tab that is folded to activate the expiration, two-part badges combine a badge with a back piece that can feature a color header or custom title and spot badges feature a small token that is placed on a predetermined activation area.
  • Non-expiring Visitor Management tools are available as well. Brady People ID offers adhesive visitor badges, color adhesive visitor badges, card badges and visitor wristbands that don’t expire but will still identify guests. We are proud to be your supplier of visitor badges of all kinds.

Visitor Management software solutions

  • The TEMPbadge® Visitor Management System is a robust software suite ideal for partners whose customers want a more comprehensive solution. TEMPbadge® VMS uses a clean, simple software interface that will allow your customers to process guests and print badges in just seconds. TEMPbadge® VMS also features detailed reporting capabilities that allow customers to better monitor who is coming and going from their site.
  • PassagePoint is a comprehensive suite of Visitor Management software from STOPware. The software is available in multiple versions, making it perfect for small organizations and corporations alike. PassagePoint offers a number of helpful features, including detailed reporting, visitor pre-registration and more. Additional modules, like sex offender registries and HL-7 modules for hospital visitors, give PassagePoint a particular appeal to partners who sell in the education and healthcare sectors.

Offer your customers customized visitor badges for a more personal Visitor Management solution

Our customization capabilities are one of our biggest assets at Brady People ID, and those capabilities extend to our Visitor Management products. Partners can order custom-printed visitor badges that feature their customer’s company name, logo, graphic or other customized information.

Your customers will appreciate having their visitor badges branded with their own information, increasing the likelihood of reorders, while the customers themselves will benefit from having their brand front and center every time a guest is given a visitor badge. We can also customize TEMPbadge® Visitor Badge Log Books for a branded Visitor Management solution.