Wrist accessory options range from simple elastics to smart wristbands

We manufacture the majority of our wristwear and are able to guarantee quality across our entire product line.

  • Elastic wristbands can be used in a variety of settings
  • UBand™ wristbands are an innovative wearable credential
  • Wrist coils are a handy way to carry keys or a card

Brady People ID offers a variety of wristwear products that can serve as identification accessories, promotional items, complements to an identification card system and more. The majority of our wristwear is made in our own factories, allowing us maximum control over the process and ensuring quality.

Our wristwear products have broad applications: our UBand silicone smart wristbands contain internal MIFARE or proximity technology and are ideal for partners who sell into colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, gyms and more. Our wrist coils are helpful accessories that will be of interest to all kinds of customers, from big box stores to small retailers.

Brady People ID is able to offer our partners tiered pricing and quantity discounts on wristwear orders, the most on-hand inventory in the industry and speedy shipping, making us the perfect choice for all of your wholesale wristwear needs.

Wrist coils, elastic wristbands and smart wristbands from Brady People ID

Our selection of wristwear contains a variety of different products that will appeal to different partners based on their customers. Across the wristwear line, however, partners will find quality goods that will meet the needs of their customers.

  • Our UBand™ access wristbands are an innovative wristwear accessory. Ideal for partners who sell into education, healthcare or gym markets, these silicone wristbands contain an internal MIFARE or proximity chip that allows them to perform the same functions as each respective card. UBand can be used to replace an access card or to complement an existing access program. Partners will benefit from being able to offer their customers such a fresh, forward-thinking product.
  • Brady People ID’s elastic wristbands are great for temporary use, making them ideal for partners with customers in the leisure, convention or entertainment space. These wristbands are available in multiple colors and feature a convenient hook end fitting to hold a key, a badge or a card.
  • Wrist coils are a popular product with broad appeal. These accessories are used in active environments to hold keys, in offices to hold a commonly used key or card and in promotional industries as a giveaway item. Each wrist coil stretches to fit on the wrist and features a vinyl strap clip or split key ring end fitting. Partners will find plenty of customers interested in these coils.

Brady People ID offers custom wristwear options to our partners

While our offering of standard wristwear is expansive, we also offer custom options to our partners. Our UBand access wristbands can be customized to feature an organization’s logo or text and drop-shipped directly to that customer. Wrist coils can be customized to feature a different color or end fitting if need be.

Brady People ID is your source for custom wholesale wristwear, making it easier than ever to offer helpful new products to your customers.