Partner Testimonials

At Brady People ID, we work hard to go above and beyond to provide our partners with the best service possible. However, it’s easy for us to just say we do a great job; it’s another thing to hear it from partners themselves.

Below, we have a series of testimonials from current Brady People ID partners, touching on everything from customer service support to the close relationships partners have developed with their sales representatives.

We hope that these testimonials will illustrate how hard we work to provide excellent service to our partners, and that we’ll soon have a testimonial from your organization on this page!

Hear from a partner: Rob Tinga, Sales Manager – Nissetowa ID

Rob Why choose Brady?

“Nissetowa has been dealing with Brady People ID for years before I started with the company. I have done a lot of research since I have been with the company trying to find potentially different resources that could increase our bottom line and nobody can touch Brady’s prices.”

Do you use and the other online tools that we offer?

“I do. I don’t use it as much as I probably should. I still like talking to people every now and then or if I need specific information on a product I call in rather than go to Brady Warehouse by default. I definitely go on there when I am checking supply quantities on something for a sizable order. I certainly use it for images for my website or email it to my clients so I love that resource.”

Do you know about our Design a Lanyard tool?

“Absolutely, I have the new one up and I love it. I like the look of it and how I can change the colors to suit my website.”

Is there anything we can do to improve your experience with Brady?

“Nope, I go to trade shows every few years and I look at the competition and see what new products are out there. Brady has definitely done a great job on creating new products that fill a need. There is very little that I sell that’s not from Brady because of that fact that Brady sees a need and says ‘let’s create something new,’ and then if it’s very apparent within a year that maybe a new product isn’t getting the traction that it needs you drop it. You don’t hang on to something forever. You move along and stay current that way.”

What do you like about your ordering experience with Brady People ID?

“I love the quotes that come by email. Everything makes sense compared to other suppliers in the industry that I have dealt with. Your quotes make a lot of sense. I love it when I ask for a custom lanyard quote and it shows everything from 100 pieces to 10,000 pieces, which is fantastic so that I don’t have to go back and then get an additional quote. Brady provides all of that information right away. I can just do the quick math and decide which numbers I want to send to my customers and it’s a done deal.”

Identification solutions provider Nissetowa ID has had a long-standing relationship with Brady People ID. Working together since 2009, Brady People ID is proud to manufacture and supply Nissetowa ID with a range of attachment solutions, including lanyards, badge reels, badge holders and more.

Based in Canada, Nissetowa ID’s unique name was taken from the Cree/English dictionary and has a two-part meaning, “I recognize him” or “I know him.”

Partnership, in every sense of the word

“Whether I need a special order item delivered on a tight timeline or am in need of expert advice for an upcoming bid,
I know I can count on the customer service team at Brady People ID!

As a small business owner, I look for partnerships with the vendors I do business with.
Brady People ID is one of those partners that always stands behind me with excellent service,
support and a team of customer service representatives that know me by name and are always friendly.

I recommend Brady People ID to anyone who asks.”

-Western Canada reseller, partner for more than five years

Customization capabilities that can’t be matched

“Brady People ID’s ability to produce ultra high quality custom printed products with lightning fast production turnaround
allows us to service our clients quickly and professionally, a service that we couldn’t offer through other manufacturers.”

-Northeastern United States reseller, partner for more than 15 years

A dedicated customer service team prevents ”disaster”

“We place over 200 PO’s daily with multiple vendors so every now and then a mistake is made.
After submitting a re-order PO to Brady People ID, customer service contacted our admin staff to triple check the order
being placed, as the re-order did not match their records.

After reviewing the re-order with them, we identified we had, in fact, not placed the order correctly.
If they had shipped the order without reaching out, our customer would have had the incorrect items
for their weekend event and we would have been blamed.

Thankfully, customer service at BPID took the time to review the order and reach out…disaster averted!”

-Southeastern United States reseller, partner for more than 20 years

Our sales team will go above and beyond for you

“I was working with a longtime customer on a large custom printed lanyard order.
After a multitude of quote requests and questions to the customer service staff at Brady People ID,
I finally received approval from my customer to proceed with the order.

However, they now needed these custom lanyards in less than 1 week, and were willing to pay rush charges if I could meet their deadline.
[My sales rep] worked with me to find a way to expedite the order, arranged for overnight air freight shipping directly to my customer
and communicated with me every step of the way to ensure the product was completed and delivered on time.

Brady made me look like a hero and my customer was thrilled!”

-Southwestern Canada reseller, partner for more than five years

We go the extra mile for our partners

“After visiting a potential customer, we wanted to follow up with some of their requests.
We reached out to [Brady People ID] and requested they send out some samples directly to the customer via blind shipping.
To our amazement, Brady People ID shipped out the samples the same day and went the extra mile by getting them [to the customer] the next day.

The potential customer was, of course, impressed and pleased with our turnaround time for the requested items.
We had a PO in hand shortly after!

Brady People ID went the extra mile for us, allowing us to gain a new customer as an end result.”

-Southeastern United States reseller, partner for more than 20 years