Digital Tools

Providing our partners with modern tools to drive results

With the Internet and other digital media more important now than ever before, Brady People ID offers our partners a suite of Digital Tools designed to make doing business as easy as possible.

  • Create custom lanyards online with our Design-A-Lanyard tool
  • Brady University offers product training for partners
  • The Virtual ID Store makes e-commerce simple

When our partners choose to sell Brady People ID products, partner to ensure mutual success. We do more than provide products; we are there for our partners every step of the way.

Our partnership includes ensuring that our partners have the tools necessary to achieve success. With that goal in mind, we offer our partners a suite of helpful Digital Tools that provide quality images, informative product training, e-commerce support and more.

With Brady People ID’s Digital Tools, our partners will be able to use the tools below to maintain a strong digital presence, a key factor in continued success in today’s modern economy.

Brady Warehouse is the hub of our digital relationship with our partners

Brady Warehouse is a web-based tool designed to provide our partners with all of the information they need in a single place. The Warehouse is custom-tailored to specific partners, only showing information that is pertinent to each logged-in user. Partners can:

  • View pricing
  • Place orders
  • View order history
  • Track shipped orders
  • Use the Design-A-Lanyard tool
  • Access the Media Library
  • Receive training in Brady University
  • Order catalogs

Our Design-A-Lanyard interface makes it easy to create quality custom lanyards

Get this tool for your Website! Find out How.

Our online Design-A-Lanyard tool allows our partners to create custom lanyards for their customers without the need for phone calls, emailing graphics or other hassles. The browser-based tool is designed to make it easier than ever for our partners to create quality custom goods.

Our product offering is vast; however, we understand that we don’t offer everything and that sometimes our partners or their customers will need a component we don’t offer. To close this gap, we’re able to custom manufacture products for our partners, ensuring that there’s never a need that isn’t met.

  • The Design-A-Lanyard tool allows partners and their customers to create custom lanyards. Different lanyard styles, colors and end fittings are available for maximum flexibility. Lanyards can be shipped to our partners or drop-shipped directly to the end user.
  • Partners can upload their customers’ graphic or logo, view a proof and submit an order, all from a single screen and with minimal hassle. This tool allows our partners to provide special products for their customers with minimal difficulty. The tool can also be embedded on our partners’ websites, where their customers can design their own lanyards and place an order.

The Virtual ID Store helps our partners get their e-commerce presence up and running

The Virtual ID Store is a way to display Brady People ID’s vast product offering online. The Virtual ID store features product images, descriptions and more, providing a wealth of information for our partners and their customers.

  • The Virtual ID store can be used by our partners on their own website as a way to offer online shopping without the investment in a comprehensive e-commerce engine. This allows our partners to offer the convenience of online shopping without the added expense.
  • Your customers will be able to browse our product offering, see pictures, view technical specifications, add items to their cart and more. The Virtual ID Store turns a standard website into an e-commerce portal, an invaluable tool in today’s market.

Get high-quality product images for your marketing collateral with our fully stocked Media Library

Partners with a strong digital presence will appreciate access to Brady People ID’s Media Library, an invaluable asset that makes it easy to share images of our products.

  • The Media Library is stocked with high-resolution images of all of our products. These images can be used as product images on partner websites, sent to customers who want a better idea of what a product looks like and more.
  • The Media Library features some custom goods as well. Images of custom badge reels, custom lanyards and more are a great way to show Brady People ID’s customization capabilities to your customers. These eye-catching products are sure to get your customers’ attention.

We will train our partners and their employees on our entire product line through Brady University

We realize that not everyone is as into badge reels, lanyards and strap clips as we are at Brady People ID. That’s OK! Our online training guide, Brady University, features all of the information you need to know about our products to market and sell them to your customers.

  • Brady University is available to all of our partners and their employees. These courses allow partners to learn about our products at their own pace by viewing slideshows and answering questions. Brady University also allows partners to track their progress and that of their employees, helping partners ensure that their employees have the information they need to discuss our products with their customers.
  • Courses are available on a number of different subjects. Partners new to the industry will benefit from basic introductory courses to things like proximity cards and badge reels, while more experienced partners will learn new information about Visitor Management and wearable access technology. With Brady University, you’ll never stop learning.

Catalog capabilities make it easier to inform your customers about our product offering

Brady People ID offers both traditional and digital catalogs, each serving as a valuable marketing and informational tool. Our catalogs are updated regularly and feature helpful descriptions, SKU numbers and more.

  • Our digital catalog can be embedded on partner websites and functions just like a print catalog: users can flip through the catalog, bookmark pages and more. Partners are able to put their own logo on our digital catalog for an additional branding tool.
  • While digital is key, we offer traditional printed catalogs as well. These catalogs are available generic or customized with a partner’s logo or company name. These catalogs feature all of the same products and images as our digital catalog.